Monday, January 02, 2006

Our equestrian is focusing on disable children riding program here. Anyone who has experienced of good approaches with good results please do let me know.

Riding keeps me on top of the day.

It was a wonderful
50th reunion weekend,
that rekindled Jane and my many fine memories
of our Fiji brothers, Old 99 and WPI.
The Longs, The Charrons, The Clarks,
The Shians, The Crosbys, Joe Arcari and daughter
(Pat was in Hawaii) and us comprised the Fiji's attending.
The Engvals and The Dixsons could not make it as planned,
and we concluded, out of 18 Fiji grads (4 are deceased-Ed Foley,
Bill Braley, Brud Larocque and Jack Buzzi), that's of 14, or 50%,
was a pretty good turnout, but obviously, if some of that
those not able to attend, could have done so,
it would have been even better.
As usual, we agreed to try to get together more often,

but as you well know, that is much easier said than done.
This successful turnout was a direct result of
the usual and tireless efforts of George.
We talked about every '57 brother very fondly,
through the weekend-it truly was just like old times
at "Old 99". Perge'.
Jack Daly
Dick, while sailing in Main, wrote:
Always good to hear from you.
As you may have heard, we had a nice evening
at the 50th Reunion
with the Longs, Clarks, Daly's, and Joe Arcari and daughter.
They all seem to be getting along well in retirement.
Annie and I went on to see Paul Alasso in Rhode Island and he and wife are coming here to Maine for a couple of days next week.
We spoke of old times and old friends.
Annie and I spend seven months every year in Naples, Florida,
after number of years battling snow in the North -
big improvement and a good foil for the rural town
we live in during the Summer.
Please change my email address to
Thanks and take care, Dick
She did it beautifully.

Remember that great feeling, not too long ago!
Dr. Melissa Ketunuti MD.

Wishing you all Great Golden Years.

Best Wishes from Stew and family

Patsy and my old roommate Stew Gentsch

46 Windsor Dr. Englewood, FL 34223

Texan Brud and his big family send you their Best Wishes.
Brud and Wallis Larocque. 3901 Villanoba, Houston, Texas 7705

Once upon a time not too long ago, when we were on fast tracks, in

Bangkok, Gorge and Linda came to visit us .
Like Hans and his beautiful wife, they enjoy their Golden year and came to Melissa and Geoff's wedding. Hans and Christina Koehl P.O. Box 81 Danielson, CT 06239

Our Woopy Tech has her own High Profile. When we started

WPI Bangkok Project Center

Class of 1993 WPI IQP 4 students

This is 2007 Class of Bangkok IQP.

WPI Sacco really enjoyed Bangkok and Thai foods. His wife kept him away from bacon and all other vises in Bangkok.

Old 99 is showing high profile.

Melissa is with one of the high profile brother.

"...and Landlord fill the Flowing-bowl... "

My Grand daughter, Mathilda, is more on my level of profile.

We, one old engineer, one young architect, one young Dip Ing. young PhD researcher, one young Dr. researcher

...and one passionated Lady,

all trying to make this

world a better place.